Day 12: Name another TV show/movie/comic/game/whatever that you would love to see a crossover with Doctor Who.

Easy. Warehouse 13.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a 1960s Police Box in the middle of America. Imagine a Warehouse adventure with H.G. Wells investigating the Police Box, finding that the box appears in many places and in many different time periods. H.G. is just fascinated that there may be an actual time machine in the form of a Police Box.

(Note: The “Warehouse” will be used to refer to the entire Warehouse team)

Cut to the entire Warehouse team meeting the Doctor, who is in America because the TARDIS, like the Warehouse, brought him because it detected an artifact. The Warehouse would later realize that the Police Box is the least of their worries.

Imagine Claudia’s reaction over the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver or over the idea of the TARDIS. Imagine H.G.’s reaction over the time-travel capabilities of a simple police box but how it could hold such a big space in a small box. Imagine how Pete and the Doctor will interact with Pete’s silliness and the Doctor being the Doctor. Clashing in fun personalities and clashing when they both get serious. Myka and the Doctor could be discussing their information of literature (in the Doctor’s case, his past adventures).

Amy and Jinxey bonding over their love for action. Something involving Jinxey’s ability to detect if people are lying and Amy. Maybe.

What if the artifact was Roman-based? Rory and Artie could give exposition behind the artifact. Rory would probably recognize the object (if Rory maintained his memories when he was a Centurion).

As comic relief, the Doctor shows-off by exploring the Warehouse and treating it like a museum and telling them stories behind the people behind the artifact. I mean, it has to be fair. If the Warehouse gets to explore the TARDIS, the Doctor should be able to explore and use the artifacts of the Warehouse.

There’s just so much that could be done with a Warehouse 13/Doctor Who crossover. I would be so happy if they did one really. xP

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    I remembered this and I still think this is a good idea, given the new arc in Warehouse 13.
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    BEST IDEA EVER!!! this needs to be done
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    Also yes!!!
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    Why stop there? Do a Doctor Who/Warehouse 13/Eureka crossover. Think of it. Instead of Amy/Rory, let it be Fargo/Claudia...
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    aaah, I wish I had the time/motivation/skill to write this. It would be the epic to end all epics.
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